Three Important Considerations When Installing a Pool

Three Important Considerations When Installing a Pool

There are several important considerations to think through when diving into home pools. The inground pool features durable construction, but the expense and maintenance are far greater than the above ground versions. Still, they are pretty much guaranteed to last and provide years of fun and exercise. For more limited budgets, an above ground pool is very cost-effective and can help beat the heat without breaking the budget. Everyone's situation is unique and only you can answer this question.

Once the type of pool is determined, the first critical consideration is where it should be positioned in the yard. The breakdown between sun and shade during various times of day is one thing to strongly consider. A little shade could be nice at different times with the understanding that enjoying the sun is also a huge part of the equation. An awareness of septic field lines and other underground piping is also necessary when considering the placement. Sunset Pools and Spas, a company offering custom inground pool designs in Chicago, recommends getting property surveyed early in the process. The surveyed property line needs to be observed to stay in compliance with local regulations. Drawing a small map could give a general idea and might be worthwhile.

Landscaping is the second consideration that shouldn't be overlooked. The installation of a new pool, especially the underground version, brings an opportunity to install attractive landscaping features to make the yard an enjoyable hangout. There are a number of landscaping ideas to fit all budgets that can really add to a home's appeal. For example, a rock waterfall could be visually appealing and complement other ideas for your pool design.

The third and probably most important consideration is that owning a pool is a lifestyle choice. It's silly to go to the time and expense of installing a pool just to watch it sit unused for months at a time. It comes with associated, routine chores and doesn't always improve the home's value. So the question has to be seriously considered of whether or not it can become a regular part of your family's lifestyle.

If your family is geared to the outdoors it may be a wonderful addition to enrich time spent together. If however, you come from a line of bookworms and find the outdoors is a take it or leave it proposition, then a pool might not be the best choice. These three considerations are among the most important. There are many other things to consider as well, but this will get you started down the path.